Controversies in scale modeling?

It might not seem that there is anything for scale modelers to disagree about. People for the most part get along and are friendly. However, this is the Internet and there are a few subjects that stir up emotion, such as the “true” color of olive drab used on vehicles in World War II.

Another discussion that has gone back and forth is the right color of dunkelgelb. This was a color the Germans used on their armor in World War II.

While there probably haven’t been many screaming matches or use of foul  language in the discussions, things can get interesting. Sometimes you can see a veteran and someone who has never served in the military calling each other idiots over a difference of opinion.

Once again, that’s the effect of the Internet. Behind our screens, we can say whatever we want without consequences. Hopefully on these hobby sites cooler heads will prevail and people will realize that we’re all here for fun.

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