The hazards of scale modeling


Even though scale modeling is one of the most relaxing hobbies for many, there are some things you have to be aware of while working with chemicals, power tools and sharp knives. 
Adequate ventilation is a must to get rid of the fumes from the glue and paint you’re using. Open a window and use a fan to keep fumes away from you. Some modelers may have a system set up to extract fumes, but keeping windows open is a basic good suggestion. Also, when using an airbrush or spray paint, you might want to do it outside. 
Staying safe while using those razor sharp hobby knives is important too. Knives should always be sharp to lessen the force needed to cut something. Always hold the part firmly, maybe with a clamp if necessary. Cut away from you. Of course, if you can use a pair of side snippers to cut the part, it will be safer. Just watch out  for flying parts. 
Wear gloves while working with paint and glue and keep fingerprints off the model. Wash your hands frequently to remove dust, paint, glue, etc. Do not smoke or eat while modeling.
Protect your eyes while modeling, especially if you are using power tools, such as a rotary tool. Wear goggles to keep debris away from your eyes. Wear magnifying lenses even if your eyesight is good. This will reduce the strain on your eyes while focusing on small details.
Take a break once in a while to walk around or stretch especially if you’re having a difficult time doing something.
This is just a quick overview of things to be aware of. Here’s a link to a website that goes into more detail.

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