Whether or not to weather

Rusty abandoned tank in Lebanon. Credit Getty Images

You’ve got your new model built and have the basic paint job done. It looks okay, but something is missing. What could it be? So you take a break and look at modeling sites on the internet.

You look at a few examples of models that blow your mind. You realize that you need to weather that bad boy! You read every article on weathering you can find.

Soon you learn the basics of weathering: rust, dust, mud, chipping, wear and tear, rain steaks, fuel and oil spills. But wait a second. How should you apply each effect and when? It can get confusing.

I recommend this article over on Armorama . It gives you a definite plan to tackle each step and a guideline for when to use an effect. Lots of factors go into what happens to a tank or vehicle during service and that affects what techniques to use.

As far as the techniques themselves, they are many and varied. Here are a few to look over.

Rusting, Chipping and Weathering

Chipping Paint with Rubber Cement

Basic weathering techniques (aircraft)

Weathering Military Models

Craftsman Boomer Trail – August 2010 (trains)

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