Searching Your Research

Credit: elenaleonova /Getty Images

About to start that new (or old) model you been meaning to get to? You’ve got everything together: kit, glue, sharp hobby knife, filling putty, sandpaper and time. But wait! You don’t want to start it without finding out something about your subject. Everyone can learn something new about their modeling subjects.

Before you start your next masterpiece, think about looking up books, magazines and the Internet for information about it, especially if you want to include a lot of historical details. Period photos can be a wealth of information about how your subject looked back in the day. That can be important is you have a model that needs a bit of correcting to make it look good.

Reference material can be found in many libraries, bookstores (real and on the Internet), web pages and forums online. Along with photos and diagrams, there will be a wealth of information about how the vehicle was designed and built, how and where it was used, what campaigns it fought in and how it was painted. Experienced modelers might know all that, but for new modelers it can contribute to the satisfaction doing a model the right way. And you can talk tanks or planes wherever you are.