Book Review – Battlefields in Miniature

Battlefields in Miniature: Making Realistic and Effective Terrain for Wargames

Pen And Sword Press
by Paul Davies

This is a great book I would recommend to both wargamer and scale modeler. Though it is more oriented to historical war gaming, it has ideas and techniques suited to futuristic war gaming as well. 

Each chapter is organized from what you need and common materials to specific projects, such as roads, bridges, water features and buildings. Scale modelers can use these ideas in their dioramas by keeping in mind what they are modeling and the time period. 

For example, there is a great method here for making hedgerows, those thick mounds of earth and vegetation in France which slowed the U.S. advance in WW2. As described and built in the book, they may be too small or too large for a 1/35 tank or figures, but careful adjustment during construction can make them the right size. 

Many of the elements described are made to sit on a war gaming table and so have their own bases, but these can be modified to blend into a diorama base easily.

Just about every feature you might need and the techniques used to realize them are addressed here. If you are an advanced modeler, the material here may not be new to you, but for less experienced modelers or those who need a good idea quickly, this is a great resource. 

The full color photos of before during and after stages as well as examples others have built serve as a real inspiration. The writing accompanies them well and makes them very practical.  At 256 pages, this is a hefty book that will serve as a reference for all your projects.

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