Review: Warriors 1/35 resin skulls

Warriors 1:35 US Head Set #12 6 Skulls in Helmets 


Among the many aftermarket head sets offered by Warriors is this set of skulls with U.S. helmets. This is an usual offering, but I’m sure some people have been looking for an item like this. As the description says, there are six skulls cast in a cream-colored resin and the detail on these heads is great. The photo may not do it justice, but if you paint these well they will look great. The eye sockets are exaggerated a little, but I think this adds to the effect. The one thing that I wish was different is the casting gate on top of each helmet. These can be cut and sanded, but you have to careful not to alter the shape of the helmet. Other companies usually make the neck the attachment point, but if you are careful this won’t be a big deal. Overall I recommend these to modelers wanting to do something different.