Coloring Plaster

I’ve been learning to cast plaster lately and I’ve learned a few things here and there, mostly how important it is to make a proper mold and the consistency of the plaster. I don’t use anything fancy, just regular Plaster of Paris. I use it because I can easily damage it and make rubble if necessary. Other types of casting materials are much harder and great for purposes such as wargaming, but I just use it for dioramas.

So to get to the point, why would you want to color plaster? Well, for one thing, if you have a plaster piece that gets chipped, that spot will stand out quite brightly among your terrain or diorama. Not good. This is worse if you are a wargamer and your terrain pices get a bright white ding to repair.

So what to do? I’ll tell you in the next post.

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