New model started!

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that I’ve put the stealth fighter decals on hold for now. I’ve started a Transam Blackbird model, Smokey and the Bandit style! Here’s a few photos of the body:

I sanded off the mold lines, put on a few coats of primer and sanded it smooth. Next is the color coat. Wish me luck!

Godzilla model kits!

In honor of the new trailer for “Godzilla King of the Monsters”, I decided to cover the field of Godzilla and related model kits. There have been many issued over the years and re-issued in the last few years, both of the big green guy and his allies and foes.

I went to Scalemates and did a search for these model kits and there are quite a few of them. I also looked on eBay and saw the prices of some of the kits available. Needless to say, the classic kits do command higher prices.

There are kits of Godzilla, Rodan, King Ghidra, various ships designed to defeat Godzilla, Mecha Godzilla and more, all in different scales (ha!) and skill levels. Some like the Aurora kits which have been re-issued by Polar Lights are the more 60s style of Godzilla while others are more modern interpretations or even the smaller Chibi style.

Whatever your preference for Godzilla and related monster movie kits there is sure to be one that you want to put together yesterday. I’m going to put a link to the Scalemates page of Godzilla kits because I don’t want to duplicate their effort here.

Scalemates Godzilla page

So go track down a Godzilla model kit and have fun!